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Birth name
06 May 1998
Deep house, Tech house, Tech house, EDM
Years active
2 years

Name *

Edward Madden

Why did you become a DJ?

I always thought Dj’s were cool so I wanted to become one. I used to mess around with a software called audacity and I used to rearrange the song and I really enjoyed it so I got into djing.

What or who is your favorite musical influence?

I don’t know actually that’s a hard one. I used to like Basshunter before I started djing. Dj’s like Hardwell, tiesto, Martin Garrix and afrojack inspired me to actually make mixes and put them on youtube and stuff so my friends could hear them. Only recently I started getting into deep house and djs like MK, Oliver heldens , Low Steppa and of course the irish dj and producer RobbieG inspire me to become a better dj.

What is your most memorable event?

I havnt been djing that long to have a memorable event. I remember djing at a friend’s party and for some reason I really enjoyed that one party more than anything else I’ve done so I guess you could say that.

What song is your favorite party starter?

I don’t really have one. I just go with my gut feeling of what the people will like and go with that.

The song you thought you would never play!

Chris Gresswell ft. Alliance & Alexis – sunrise. I used to hate the vocals in this song so much but it has grown on me a lot

Your most embarrassing DJ moment…

Tripping over the power cable of my decks and the knocking off the music. Not only did I knock off the music but everyone saw me face plant into the ground after I tripped.

what is your favorite place to DJ?

As I said im not long djing so I cant say

What is the biggest event you have ever done?

A conformation party. I haven’t been around long enough to get the big gigs yet.

Do you have a DJ idol?

Dj ravine actually inspired me to actually record mixes but I was too shy to upload them. As I got more confident I uploaded mixes to mixcloud and then I created a youtube channel which is where I upload my mixes now.

What is your personal favorite song?

I have many favorite songs. At the moment though I have to go with these 3: Semendo & Curtis Gabriel – Some people say, Low Steppa – Drums be rockin (The VIP) and Disclosure ft. AlunaGeorge – white noise

Who is your favorite music artist or band?

Probably Low Steppa or RobbieG

What is your favorite radio station?

Apart from UDMI of course spin1038

What is your nationality?


How old are you?


How did you get started as a DJ?

My nephew was making his conformation and he text me the night before and asked me to dj so I said yes.

What are your favorite clubs past and present?

Past rouge

Present the wright venue

What are your favorite styles of music?

Deep house,tech house,tech house, EDM and the odd bit of commercial stuff

What clubs have you played in?

None so far. Im still young though and I’m confident I will play in clubs in the future.

Preferred format of music, cd’s, mp3’s, controller, laptop, vinyl and why?

At the moment I use a Numark NV controller and serato. I really love using the pioneer cdj 2000 nexus and djm 900 just because its fun to use. I love the NV aswell because its got some really nice feature

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