Birth name
John Conlon
27 October 1976
Dublin, Ireland
Old Skool, Techno, Jungle, D&B
Years active

Name   FLavRjay


Why did you become a DJ?

I love spinning vinyl and get a great buzz from seeing a crowd enjoying themselves listening to the music I’m playing


What or who is your favourite musical influence?

Old Skool Rave/Hardcore/Jungle/Drum & Bass/Old Skool House/Techno


What is your most memorable event?

The first gig I organised, way back in 1998 in Drogheda D&B night


What song is your favourite party starter?

Depends on what style of music I’m playing, best to start with a tune that gets people dancing, then build on that.


The song you thought you would never play!

As I was mostly a break beat DJ, never thought that id get the chance to play at some Old Skool House nights in Dublin.


Your most embarrassing DJ moment….

Turning up to a gig with no headphones >_< and having to ask could I borrow a pair


What is your favourite place to DJ?

So Far it’s got to be the Energy Collective at Fibbers D1


What is the biggest event you have ever done?

60 to 100 so far


Do you have a DJ idol?

No just a lot of respect for vinyl and Old Skool DJ’s


What is your personal favourite song?

I don’t have one but loads that are my favorite


Who is your favourite music artist or band?

Alter8, 2BadMice, LTJ Buckem


What is your favourite radio station?

I’d have to Radio Na Life & Solid Sound FM, just because I’ve played a few guest appearance sets


How old are you?



How did you get started as a DJ?

Started collecting vinyl in 1995/96 and got to practice on mates decks before I got my own in 1997


What were your favorite clubs Past and Present?

The Asylum, Sides, OMMC, Waterfront, Kitchen for D&B nights


What are your favorite styles of music

Old Skool Rave Breakbeats, Hardcore, Jungle, D&B, Old Skool House/Techno


What clubs have you played in?

Voodoo Lounge, Turks Head, Code 23, Fibbers, Da Club, Fleet Inn, Mc Hughes Drogheda


Preferred format of music,cd’s,mp3’s,controller,laptop,vinyl and why?



What is your nationality?



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