Birth name
08 May 1971
Years active
25 years with a couple of gaps

Name* Jay Murphy


Why did you become a DJ?

Loved the Raw Sound of Scratch Mixing and Spinbacks (Cutting up of two the same vinyl’s), So fell into being a Scratch DJ in a Hip Hop group


What or who is your favorite musical influence?

Hard to say, love a lot of different genres and sounds,

Electro, late 80’s early 90’s Hip Hop, Rare Groove, Chicago House, Detroit Techno, Ian brown, Stone Roses The Doors, Bob James, must not forget The London Posse and The Demon Boyz.


What is your most memorable events?

Backing Scary Eire in barnstormers (pulling are own pints during sound check)and sneaking down to Side’s dame St to finish the night off plus every Asylum night of course


What song is your favorite party starter?

Don’t know, will always be a different tune


The song you thought you would never play!

Can’t think of one

Your most embarrassing DJ moment….

Lifting off the Wrong Tone Arm


Where is your favorite place to DJ?

In my Music Room, or Home Town


What is the biggest event you have ever done?

Full Moon Party Ko Phangan Haad Rin Beach Thailand


Do you have a DJ idol?

Idol is a big word but, favorites I can think of a few.. Todd Terry, Sasha, Digweed, Q bert, Mek (Partner in many Musical crimes), plus Irish DJ’S who made the scene in the 90’s.


What is your personal favorite song?

Dance Tunes: have loads but Chris & James – Tune In (Zammo’s Coyote Remix) comes to mind, basically anything with a really good break, older stuff :  Marshall Jefferson – move your body, Todd terry – black riot. Not Dance: Ian brown Golden Gaze, Longsight M13


Who is your favorite music artist or band?

Ian Brown, 90’s Progressive House


What is your favorite radio station?

In the Car any Talk Radio, Online Alan Watt, Alex Jones


What is your nationality?



How old are you?



How did you get started as a DJ?

Bought a set of Technic’s and Mixer


What are your favorite clubs past and present?

Past: Sides, Asylum, Present: nowhere


What are your favorite styles of music?

Old Skool House, Progressive House, Trance, Techno


What Clubs/Gig Venue’s have you played in?

Barnstormers, Rock Garden, Eamon Dorans  ,The Pembroke, The Village, Fibber Mc Gees, Mc Gonagle’s, Slatterys, The Plough, Whelan’s, Temple Bar Music Centre, Raynards, The Sarah Curren, The Spawell, Solas, Voodoo Lounge, The Pint Venue, Club 52, The high Stool(Limerick), Star and Crescent (Drogheda), Double 6 Club (Kuta Bali), The Solo Club and The Green Mango (Ko Samui Thailand), The Sunrise Club and Paradise Bungalows (Haad Rin, Ko Phangan, Thailand) 


Preferreat of music, cd’s, mp3’s, controller, laptop, vinyl and why?d form

Vinyl, love the smell of wax


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