Birth name
Keith Behan
26 March 1974
Dublin, Ireland
Progressive House, Trance and Hard Trance
Years active

Name* Keith Behan


Why did you become a DJ?

Mainly for the love of the music plus seeing carl cox playing three decks blew me away, so just wanted to get going myself


What or who is your favorite musical influence?

I was drawn to the German stuff really, so loved the sounds coming out of such labels as Frankfurt beat and IQ records as well as harthouse


What is your most memorable event?

It’s hard to say, I went to loads of great nights in sides, the asylum, G1s and the Olympic ballroom plus many more back in the day, but the asylum was defo my favorite place to be, I would be there from start to finish, great music played by great DJs


What song is your favorite party starter?

There is so many to choose from, but Foromsa – O.D. on groove is a good one to start off with or vicious circles poltergeist, both would get the place absolutely kicking


The song you thought you would never play!

I can’t think of any


Your most embarrassing DJ moment…

I was playing a party very drunk while on the decks, picked up the wrong needle off the record while it was playing


What is your favorite place to DJ?

Anywhere I can bang out some tunes


What is the biggest event you have ever done?

Asylum Reunion at the Vaults


Do you have a DJ idol?

Hard to say, I respect all the Irish DJs for creating the scene in the 90’s


What is your personal favorite song?

To many to choose from


Who is your favorite music artist or band?

I love 80’s music as well as all dance music, but my favorite band back then would have been a-ah


What is your favorite radio station?

UDMI Radio lol


What is your nationality?



How old are you?

21 I wish.. but I am 41


How did you get started as a DJ?

I bought a set of decks years ago to see would I be able to get into it, I loved it from the start mixing the tunes and still love banging out the tunes today


What are your favorite clubs past and present?

Well the asylum was my favorite place to go back in the 90’s,  but now there’s no good places to go anymore for the music I like..


What are your favorite styles of music?

Well, I like all types of music whether it’s dance or 80’s stuff but I like progressive house and hard trance and even a bit of old skool rap


What clubs have you played in?

The Voodoo Lounge, the Vaults and Radio City


Preferred format of music, cd’s, mp3’s, controller, laptop, vinyl and why?

Vinyl, you can’t beat em for sound and mixing them, feel real.


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