Birth name
Ken Brady
31 May 1974
Dublin, Ireland
80's, Electro, Disco, House, Techno, Progressive, Trance
Years active
27 With Gap

Name *

Ken Brady


Why did you become a DJ?

Who said I was am still trying to earn that title lol


What or who is your favorite musical influence?

Anything in the form of electronic music, from the early kraftwerk, 80’s synth,

Style music.


What is your most memorable event?

So many but if i had to choose, it would be playing to 1200 Nutter’s in the Mansion House in 1994,the crowd noise was deafening, you could barely hear the sound system.


What song is your favorite party starter?

Don’t have one, but it does vary from time to time depending on set time and music type i am more into creating long big intros to sets than playing the same opening tune.


The song you thought you would never play!

There are 1000’s, have you got all day


Your most embarrassing DJ moment…

Hmm none spring to mind, so that means nothing memorable, or it just means I put it too far at the back of mind to forget it suppose the generic stuff needles jumping while mixing, or a bad mix.


What is the biggest event you have ever done?

See most memorable event, Mansion House 1994


Do you have a DJ idol?

Larry Gogan


What is your personal favorite song?

Don’t really have any, too many to choose they can all be my favorite songs, which invoke certain memories attached to them.


Who is your favorite music artist or band?

Oliver Lieb, no introduction needed Genius Full Stop!


What is your favorite radio station?

U.D.M.I Radio of Course


What is your nationality?



How old are you?

The Guards Wouldn’t Ask Me That, See D.O.B and Do the Math


How did you get started as a DJ?

I never set out to become a DJ, I think it was a natural progression, earliest memory when I was 4 coming home from school, and playing records in the living room on a (Radio Gram)Google that kids, and as I grew up, would listen to all styles of music and buy vinyl every week, didn’t even have decks at the time, and make my own remixes, edits and mega mixes on tape, joined the D.M.C and got hooked straight away, and realized I wanted decks to mix tracks together, saved up money and bought my first set of decks which I think were Citronic 300 D’s and a Phonic mixer basic stuff at the time, but done the job, eventually doing various gigs, school disco’s 21st,18th..Etc etc then moving onto the radio side of things, like playing on Sunset, Vibe and Club Fm.


What are your favorite clubs past and present?

Sides, Asylum, Ormond, Mansion House, Tin Pan Alley, Olympic

And the System.


What are your favorite styles of music?

80’s, Electro, Disco, House, Techno, Progressive, Trance and all its subgenres.


What clubs have you played in?

Harp, Tin Pan Alley, Ormond, Lucianos, System, Mansion House, Pa’s, Club M, French’s, Tiffany’s ,Blue Banana, Waterfront, Columbia Mills, The Pint, The Cavern, The Vaults



Preferred format of music, cd’s, mp3’s, controller, laptop, vinyl and why?

Vinyl, because of that pure analog sound, that you don’t get with Cd’s Or Mp3, also

the physical element of artwork of covers which you don’t get with a download


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