Birth name
Matt James Court
22 November 1980
Southampton, England
Dance Music
Years active

Name : Matt Court

Why did you become a DJ?

Was something that always had in interest in from the Early to Late 90s and from there on,  though i didnt get my first set of decks until i was about 21, after going to my first rave at Helter Skelter in 98 I wanted to experience What it would feel like to hype and pump a big crowd through music.


What or who is your favorite musical influence?

It has to be The Prodigy going back to Early Rave stuff, blew my mind at the time


What is your most memorable event?

Has to be the first time i walked into the Rollers Warehouse at Helter Skelter, seeing a huge crowd and lasers all about the place put an instant chill up my spine, felt like home straight away


What song is your favorite party starter?

Id probably have to say Signums What Ya Got For Me, always gets a reaction when i drop it seems a tune that most know or like


The song you thought you would never play!

B.B.E Seven Days and One Week, always seemed that over time tunes get forgotten about but this record still sounds as fresh today as it did then


Your most embarassing DJ moment….

Probably mixing on Techradio for well over an hour and not knowing there was no sound output, that’ll teach me for not paying attention or running a social media application at the time for feedback


What is your favorite place to DJ?

What is your favorite place to DJ?part from a handful of housepartys this questions null and void for me but theres still hope


What is the biggest event you have ever done?



Do you have a DJ idol?

Id have to say Mark EG was a big influence on my style of music


What is your personal favorite song?

Nightingale (Original Mix) by DJ Mind X


Who is your favorite music artist or band?

Again id have to say The Prodigy


What is your favorite radio station?

Im not a big fan of mainstream radio but I did used to listen to alot of mixes on Radio 1 in the Late 90s when it was a bigger deal


What is your nationality?



How old are you?



How did you get started as a DJ?

Although I Have been mixing alot of years now roughly 17 years i didnt really start playing out to others until I joined Techradio Dublin last summer


What are your favourite clubs past and present?

Helter Skelter, Slammin Vinyl, Slinkys in Bournemouth


What are your favourite styles of music?

Hard Trance, Trance, Techno and Hard House


What clubs have you played in?

Nowt so far


Preferred format of music,cd’s, mp3’s,controller,laptop,vinyl and why?

I’m currently using a DJ Controller but i have to say if i had the collection on vinyl i have for MP3s id hands down play the vinyl every time


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