Birth name
01 September 1976
Years active
22 years

Name *Winston (WINNIE) Dillon

Why did you become a DJ?

I always had a love for music.My father had a serious collection of vinyls and tapes and my brother was a singer in a band so i guess it ran in the blood.


What or who is your favorite musical influence?

Probably John Peel the guy had an ear for everything also Sunset Radio back around 1991 when only starting on 103.2 fm


What is your most memorable event?

Some of the nights in dublins infamous Asylum night club where awesome.laurient garner playing The Redbox was also unbelievable


What song is your favorite party starter?

Hmmm tough one that.dont think iv ever started a set with the same track


The song you thought you would never play!

Someone did find the orval song in my collection so i presume i must have played that at some stage.


Your most embarassing DJ moment….

Djing at a fight night one night.i also had to play the music for the fighters coming out but the sound system i had borrowed was dodgy and wouldn’t play the music.


What is your favorite place to DJ?

Kommunity in Cork was great really up for it crowd .


What is the biggest event you have ever done?

I did play at a biker festival one time which had thousands of bikers there raving and moshing ha ha .


Do you have a DJ idol?

Ritchie Hawtin the guy is a genius.


What is your personal favorite song?

Probably Atlas-  Compass Error its still sounds a fresh today as it did coming off the press in 1993


Who is your favorite music artist or band?

A toss up between UB40 or R.E.M


What is your favorite radio station?

At the moment probably Classic Hits 4fm


How old are you?



How did you get started as a DJ?

I use to listen to the old pirates on the radio back in the early years and sit by my tape deck for hours recording songs and then editing out the dj.Id have to hi fi systems on which i would mix the two tapes together using the volumes as fader.Eventual when i started working as a young lad i saved up enough money to buy one deck to play some of the vinlys i had been purchasing out of the rest of my wages.Eventualy i had saved enough to purchase another one and a mixer and voila at last i was a dj.


What were your favorite clubs Past and Present ?

Red Box,Temple Bar Music Centre,Temple Theatre,The Garage,The Asylum.Tin Pan Alley,Cream Ibiza


What are your favourite styles of music?

Progressive house.Techno,Old Skool Rave.


What clubs have you played in?

Ziggy,Pavillions,Liquid,Kommunity.Inferno,Radio City.The Cavern,The Pint,Turks Head,Tiffanys,The Grove,Voodoo Lounge,Legal Eagle.King7,Code 23,The Castle


Prefared format of music,cd’s,mp3’s,controller,laptop,vinyl and why?

Vinyl as i mainly have that in my collection but i been pushing a bit towards time code vinyl with the bulk of new music been released on download but by the sounds of things vinyl is making a major come back.


What is your nationality?



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