Flashback Presents – Shades of Rhythm Live

21 Jul 2018 Saturday
22 Jul 2018 Sunday

Flashback Presents – Shades of Rhythm Live

Button Factory
Flashback Presents - Shades of Rhythm
10:30 pm - 03:30 pm
15 EUROS +
Old Skool

Flashback Presents – OLD SKOOL legends SHADES OF RHYTHM Live + DJ Set, supported by Flashback resident DJ’s, CHRIS D and ELAINE ROBBINS, with special guests Phever radio head honcho DEAN SHERRY and BRENDAN KEARNEY Aka DJ Gravity.

After the major success of our 30 years of Acid House rave last October with MR C which by all accounts was the best old skool event of 2017, Flashback returns with another huge name on the Old Skool scene the legendary SHADES OF RHYTHM.

S/O/R are amongst the finest P’A’s of all time on the Rave scene, they enjoyed huge success in the 90’s, and they continue to play at events all over, and are much loved by pretty much everyone on the Old Skool scene so we are absolutely delighted to be bringing them to Dublin this summer in what promises to be another absolutely amazing Flashback event,this will be absolutely huge and we are totally buzzing for this night.



“The underground is where the music scene starts, without club support a record is nothing”. Back again for 1996….

For the past five years, we’ve been shading-up the dance music scene with quite a heavy impact. We don’t want to sound arrogant by saying that we were pioneers in the dance music scene, because we weren’t. But at the time there were a handful of dance bands that really helped to create the rave scene, and we were members of that core group. We’d like to think that Shades Of Rhythm were an important link in the rave chain of the early 90’s, and we hope that we can continue to pull that chain into the dance scene of today”.

Wise words from Ryan Heath of Shades Of Rhythm. Or are they? After all, we all know that Shades Of Rhythm were big business back in ’91 when we were all going crazy at raves such as Raindance and Sunrise listening to tracks like ‘Sound Of Eden’ and ‘Ecstasy’, but what about now? What the hell have Shades Of Rhythm been doing since the epic rave years of the early decade, and to be totally honest, can the boys actually step back into the limelight after five years?

The answer is most probably, yes. After all, Shades Of Rhythm have managed to stand firm in a highly disposable industry for longer than most and with a rave CV that details a wealth of dance music experience, it will be a pretty tough task to nudge Nick, Rayan and Lanx out of the scene easily.

“As far as music goes us boys have been involved in the scene for as long as we can remember”. Explained Rayan. “We honestly haven’t done anything else but music, it’s the only thing we are qualified to do. We’d all been in bands of some kind since we were at school, we’d actually been rivals to each other in the early years, so it wasn’t until we hit our teens that we started working together. We decided that with Nick and Lanx’s musical talent and my lyrics, we’d probably make a good team, so we joined our forces and created Shades Of Rhythm”.

From the moment that the band got together, a new form of dance music began to take shape. The boys used to meet every Sunday for secret ‘jam’ sessions in a local TV repair shop who agreed to lend them their sound equipment. In those days their creations were just for fun, but as the saying goes, ‘You can’t keep a good sound down’, and as soon as Rayan landed a job as resident DJ in a local Peterborough club called ‘The Attic’, the boys suddenly had a forum to test out their tracks.

As this point in time, they were playing live gigs to massive crowds, but as a band were still without a name, and were rapidly being christened as ‘The Band With No Name’. It soon became blatantly obvious that a band name had to be created. ‘Shades Of Rhythm’ was the obvious choice because of their skin colours being one black, one white and one brown, they felt they could reflect every shade of music imaginable.

“In those days, we had aspirations of being as important to dance music as The Rolling Stones were to rock. At the time there wasn’t an established dance act in the UK, it was simply a question of charging into the charts (if you were lucky), and then adding your name to a long list of one-hit wonders. We wanted more for Shades Or Rhythm, we wanted to be respected both on stage and on vinyl. Even in those early days at The Attic we knew that we had something that people could actually get into, so we went about things differently, We started putting records out in the shops on our own label, we did everything ourselves – the recording, the pressing, even the distribution – the whole damn lot!”

Amazingly, without any help at all from a record company, Shades Of Rhythm were creating their own exciting buzz on the underground circuit. Promoters, DJ’s and clubbers were drawn to the ‘Shade’ vibe like iron filings to a magnet, and within weeks of their first track hitting the shops, the sound of Shades were furiously cooking in the underground cook-pots. Suddenly the boys were bombarded by phone calls from record company talent scouts who were all eager to sign the Shades to their label. As a result, their first deal was struck with Beat Box Records in 1988, which was the label owned by the infamous Stevie V. Unfortunately, due to legal wrangling with the company, Shades Of Rhythms’ debut release ‘Just Feel It’, briskly became their last on Beat Box.

Once again Shades Of Rhythm found themselves hounded by record companies and eventually they signed their second deal with ZTT Records. A string of hits followed including ‘Homicide/Exorcist’, ‘Sweet Sensation’, ‘Sound Of Eden’, ‘Ecstasy’ and ‘Sweet Revival’, plus two further albums – ‘Shades Of Rhythm’ and ‘Shades’. They went on tour with The Prodigy and N-joi at the forefront of the Summer Of Love, playing major dance parties such as Technodrome, Fantazia, Amnesia House and Raindance, to name a few.

In 1994 the band set-up their own label entitled ‘Wandering Dragon’ and signed a subsidiary deal with Public Demand Records. In September of that year they released their first track under the new label called ‘My Love’ and followed-up with ‘Musical Freedom’ which shot to No 1 in all dance charts nationwide. In March 1995 Shades Of Rhythm signed an album deal with PWL Records and their first release is set for early ’96. But being a band that’s holding the helm of British dance music, why have they formed a union with the UK’s biggest pop label?

“Are PWL a pop label?” jokes Rayan. “I hadn’t noticed! No seriously, we think that PWL are a really good record label who have probably achieved more hits in their short history than any other label I can think of. Shades Or Rhythm have always aimed to be the best, and to get there we have to be with the winning team, and we think that PWL are best equipped to put us at the top”.

So what can we expect from the future album? Well, Rayan dismisses all rumours that there are plans for further remixes of ‘Sound Of Eden’ and ‘Ecstasy’ as he feels that past successes must be left simply as a memory of the time. However, the new album (as yet untitled) is set for release in mid ’96, with a single release scheduled for February. The first track from the album will be called ‘Raise The Feeling’, but it will only be a limited edition because the boys simply want to give the clubs a small taste of what’s to come in the future.

“The underground is where the music scene starts, without club support a record is nothing. As clubs and DJ’s have always been fully supportive of Shades Of Rhythm’, we’ve decided to give them this track as a thank you. ‘Raise The Feeling’ will be exclusive to the underground, with our next full commercial release coming out later on in the year. But for now we want to build new foundations, and we can’t do that without going back to our roots, which are the clubs. So this is our present to the underground really, we just hope they appreciate it. So Shades fans get out there and get clubbin’, you won’t hear this track anywhere but in the clubs, so keep the scene alive”.


Jetting in again from Moscow where he is based is the superb Chris D.

Resident Flashback DJ Chris D has been on the Irish music scene since the early 80’s. Chris D was instrumental in the foreground and the background of the Irish Dance scene from its conception and his hard work helped lay the foundation for the dance scene we enjoy today. People who used to go to the brilliant Waterfront / Columbia Mills will remember Chris who played every Thursday for several years, he has also regularly guested in the all the top clubs, Kitchen, the Ormond and Temple Theatre. PA’s Dundalk and numerous other places and has supported the Cream of DJ’;s as Ian Ossia from Renaissance and Manchester legendary DJ Nipper and most recently the godfather of Rave, DJ Slipmatt and 808 State. Chris has also supported the legendary SL2 and Q-Sound as well. The familiar face behind the counter of Outlaw records and the founder of One Cut Studios Dublin’s first DJ studio, Chris was also part of the Inner conscience Crew that brought us the Irish records, Moonboom Jacobs ladder and the Garden of Eden parties. Chris’s skilful hands on mixing style needs to be seen and his tune selection is second to none.

The major part that Chris has played on the Irish dance scene not only in the foreground like most other DJs but his hard work and dedication behind the scene must be acknowledged and its fitting and deserved that he have the title Irish Dance Music Legend.


One of Ireland’s best female DJ’s and Flashback resident Elaine Robbins aka ‘Laynee’ has been djing for the last 20 years. She bought her first set of decks in 1998 & was djing as the warm-up in Coco’s a month later. Originally starting off her collection with hard house, trance and a few classics, she has amassed an eclectic mix of vinyl over the years including house, Techno & hardcore. She uses different genres for each gig she plays & likes to keep it sounding fresh. Over the last 4 years she has played at many of the oldskool gigs on the scene supporting the likes of Judge Jules, Rozalla, K klass, Anne Savage, Lisa pin up, Allister Whitehead to name but a few. Her debut for ‘Flashback’ was on NYE warming up for 808 State where she played a mixture of early house & hardcore tunes, Elaine also played support to the legendary with Mr C’. On Wednesday night she hosts her own show on Internet radio station ‘UDMI’ called ‘Laynee’ s pick n mix’. She has also played guest slots on FM radio stations such as Heat, Tonic & Phever. She frequently djs in Drogheda for Kickstreamtv playing old and new music on both vinyl & Cdjs. Check out her mixes on Mixcloud under the name ‘Laynee’.


Internationally recognised top club DJ headlining almost all major Irish clubs, established since the early 90’s, from Dublin, Ireland. Award Winning Independent Music Professional.
Consistently voted in the Top 10 Irish DJ’s and winner of Best Irish DJ 2000 & runner up 2001 (Smirnoff/BBM DJ Awards).*
Dean has toured internationally over the years and guests in many clubs upon request.

Up to summer 2015 Dean was 5-yr weekend multi-room resident DJ, Booker & in-house Promoter with the country’s biggest custom-built multi-award winning nightclub The Wright Venue, playing weekly to over 5000 clubbers within the Venue & Group. Over his impressive & expansive career, Dean has been resident in literally every major noteworthy club in Ireland since the dance music explosion in the 90’s!

Musically Dean describes his sound as simply ‘excellent House music’ however plays a range from Disco, Garage, House, Techouse up to funk-driven Techno – depending on occasion!
Dean promotes regular clubbing events via his PHEVER & PHUNK’DUP brands plus with other collaborators

Dean is founding director of the PHEVER media & clubbing brand. PHEVER operates as a TV & Radio Station, an event management & promotions group, DJ/Producer Training Academy, DJ Booking Agency & Record Label. PHEVER represents 100+ DJs & broadcasts video & audio globally 24/7/365

Dean is weekly Radio producer & host of the PHUNK’DUP:Radio show; which is broadcast globally & reaching many thousands of people regularly plus syndicated on various other formats & stations internationally Saturdays 4-6pmGMT/UTC weekly w/ phever.ie on Ireland’s no1 electronic music TV & Radio station. PHEVER is currently reaching over 400K weekly online over various platforms & simulcasts globally including phever.ie, ChewTV, Livestream, Facebook Live, TuneIn, Shoutcast, icecast, iTunes Radio, AppleTV, Roku, YouTube, internet-radio.com as well as FM in Dublin 91.6.

Dean is a qualified & experienced studio/live sound engineer, music producer & L6 web developer plus IT project manager.

Social Media presence is >50,000 followers

Irish historical club associations include seminal legendary residencies in: POD, Shaft, Ormond, Olympic, Temple, System, Kitchen, Switch, Thompson’s, Network, Shine, Purty, HMV, Foundry, Music Factory, Pasha, Renaissance, Wax, Radio City, Purple Onion, Sir Henry’s, Ormond Multimedia Ctr, Vaults, Strictly Rhythm, Sides, Asylum, LostSociety, Zanzibar, Spirit, Lush, Red Box, Point, O2, Sin, Traffic, Republica, Garage, Mean Fiddler, Dorans, Purty, Tube, 303, Ten, Zoo, GPO, MONO… -Residencies with almost every leading club in Ireland over the last 2 decades!

Dean has DJed with names such as Ministry Of Sound, Hed Kandi, Carl Cox, Roger Sanchez, David Morales, Laidback Luke, Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin, Paul Oakenfold, Sasha/Digweed, Dave Clarke, Pete Tong, Slam, Danny Rampling, David Morales, Darren Emerson, Mr.C, Carl Craig, Nick Warren, Green Velvet, Kevin Saunderson, Frankie Knuckles, Masters At Work, Seb Fontaine, Graeme Park +many, many more.

BRENDAN KEARNEY Bio is to follow soon